Hair loss or thinning for both women and men, impacts how confident the individual feels about their appearance. The aesthetic standard for both genders and the goal, is to have healthy, thick hair that compliments other aspects of our appearance. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments can help.

There are many reasons that men and women begin to lose their hair, and clinical conditions including androgenetic alopecia, or ‘pattern hair loss’ which has hereditary features.  While many people believe that thinning hair is ‘passed down’ on the mother’s side of the family, clinicians know that the condition is prevalent when either side of the family has a history of baldness, or significant thinning hair with age.

The causes of hair loss for men and women can be linked to other factors, including lifestyle, stress and chronic health conditions.  In this article we’ll discuss why hair thinning occurs and explain a new advanced therapy (PRP) that utilizes your own white blood cells to stimulate hair regrowth. Read more

Unhappy with excess fat under the chin? For women and men, the appearance of excess volume under the chin and jaw area, or the “double chin” look is something that can detract from the overall healthy and sculpted appearance of the facial area.  While increased body weight is a contributor to this additional volume, there are other natural age-related causes (including weight-loss) that can cause a double-chin.

The presence of submental fat deposits around the neck, jaw and under the chin area can occur for individuals who have maintained a healthy body weight also.  Previously, the only option to remove the submental fat was painful (and expensive) plastic surgery, which also required significant healing and downtime for recovery. Read more

Creases folds and fine lines in the skin, or what we refer to ask age related wrinkles, are caused by a number of lifestyle and heredity factors.  Fine lines can start to appear in the mid to late twenties. Depending on skin care and protection (including the daily use of UV protectants against skin damage) they can become more pronounced when men or women reach their early forties.

While cosmetics and other personal aesthetics like hair coloring can help us all retain a natural and youthful appearance, dealing with wrinkles and fine lines can significantly alter our appearance, and how we all feel about the image that we are presenting on a daily basis.  We all want to look as young on the outside as we feel on the inside, and retain that youthful appearance into our mid and later life stages. Read more