Unhappy with excess fat under the chin? For women and men, the appearance of excess volume under the chin and jaw area, or the “double chin” look is something that can detract from the overall healthy and sculpted appearance of the facial area.  While increased body weight is a contributor to this additional volume, there are other natural age-related causes (including weight-loss) that can cause a double-chin.

The presence of submental fat deposits around the neck, jaw and under the chin area can occur for individuals who have maintained a healthy body weight also.  Previously, the only option to remove the submental fat was painful (and expensive) plastic surgery, which also required significant healing and downtime for recovery.

At La Font D’Medspa, we are pleased to offer our clients a new, minimally invasive and non-surgical method that significantly reduces submental fat deposits, restoring firmness and lean tissue volume around the face, jaw and neck areas, using state-of-the-art therapeutics from BodyFX™.

About BodyFX

Using radio-frequency (RF) energy and negative pressure applied to the skin and treatment area, BodyFX™ is a non-invasive body contouring technology for the effective removal of adipose tissue and fat deposits.

During your treatment plan, fat cells are eliminated in a gradual manner, by breaking down the fat cells which are then ‘flushed’ out of the body, through natural processes.  Unlike some other methods that rely on freezing and low temperature exposure, BodyFXdoes not only break up fat cells, it also helps to minimize loose and wrinkled skin that can result after the fat is lost from the treatment area.  It tightens up the skin, to renew the treatment area, for a new and youthful appearance.

How Much Recovery Time Is Required?

Another benefit of using RF energy to break down and release fat cells, while smoothing and tightening the under-chin area, is that the procedure is non-invasive.  There is no bruising or visible marks after the procedure, which means that clients can return to work the same day, without any noticeable post-treatment marks on the skin.

BodyFX™ vs. CoolSculpting: Which One Is Better?

The results of the two contouring options are often compared to each other, because of the non-invasive and non-surgical method of treatment.  However, Coolsculpting freezes the fat cells to destroy them, while BodyFXuses radio frequency and heat, to essentially melt the fat cells, below the surface of the skin, in a painless way.

Cryolipolsis (freezing methods) can lead to ulceration and scarring, as well as post treatment pain.  There are also some clinical care experts that have noticed complications with Cryolipolsis treatments, including a shifting, or unexpected new fat deposit occurring in the treatment area, after a cold treatment (this is called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia).

Ask our clinical care team at La Font D’Medspa for a free consultation of your under-chin area, and more information about the advantages of BodyFX™ treatments, to help remove the visible presence of the “double-chin”.  We will design a custom treatment (and maintenance) plan to help you eliminate excess fat or loose skin around the jowls, under the chin and jaw line, with state-of-the-art radio frequency body contouring services.










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