At La Font D’Medspa we believe everyone should look as good as they feel. That is why you should feel great! Our hydrating IV treatments can be the perfect boost or nutritional supplement you need to succeed; act now and get 20% off your first Glutathione add-on!

It is that time of the year again, La Font D’Medspa is hosting our second year anniversary socially distanced drive-by splash! Come to 1104 Cedar Ct on October 31st with your best costume on. Whichever one the judges dub as the best costume will receive a grand prize! Show up with your costume and mask, and you will receive a free goody bag, along with the chance to use our photo booth. Of course, we are having one day specials that must be purchased by midnight! Even if you are unable to go to the 2nd Splash these specials are available to you if you call on October 31st! If you wish to RSVP please call 239-389-9900


Get $50 off at La Font D’Medspa for every syringe of the natural, long-lasting dermal filler, Revanesse! With the expert injections done by our Dr. Rebecca Alberti De Puell, you can get results as stunning as these!

The Morpheus8 is the best minimally invasive radio frequency treatment to tighten skin and get rid of fat in large areas: face and body! Its fast penetrating technology delivers a complete remodel of skin, tissue, and collagen as the deepest fractional treatment available. The only way to describe the results of the Morpheus at La Font D’Medspa is exceptional!

Only at La Font D’MedSpa, our IV bar is sure to renew or replenish you in preparation or in the aftermath of any event where you need some extra energy! Our IV hydration treatments can help with strengthening immunity, boosting energy, recovering from hangovers, giving your skin the nutrients it needs, and much more!

This Fall, make sure to dip into your own fountain of youth at La Font D’MedSpa! We are offering specials for laser, rf facials, BOTOX, fillers, body sculpting, Plasma Pen eye lift, and our refreshing IV Bar. Take advantage of these time reversing treatments and look as good as you feel!

beautiful girls with fillers and multiple treatments of botox

Finally, it is time for the sun to shine! This summer, you can look as good as you feel with the help of some of our incredible treatments here at La Font D’MedSpa. Try our combination of Botox, Filler, Fractora, Lumecca, Forma, and the new Morpheus Trios or Quatros. Or, if you have a more specific area, such as eye lids, there is the Plasma Pen that can give the same result as an eye lift. Not mention our Body Sculpting treatments that can get your summer body ready. So, take a jump into the fountain of youth and make your appointment at La Font D’Medspa.

Botox loving mom with kids

Thank you to all the amazing moms out there! It’s time to make the most of our situation with a brand new mommy makeover. Social distancing can not stop you from finding your own fountain of youth! Here at La Font D’Medspa we follow full Covid-19 protocols to make sure every one of our customers feels safe. So make an appointment now and enjoy our fantastic treatments!

Check out our Happy Holilaze November Specials! Get ready for the holidays with our laser treatments. Don’t forget to check out the new video on our website in the video gallery! Duo Facials $500 includes for Face, Neck and Chest. Dermal Fillers $500 each syringe and Dysport $10 per unit. Body Sculpting $500 per area and Forma $300 per area. Trio Facials $800 includes Fractora Microneedling, Lumecca and Forma with PRP Plasma. And of course our Vasculaze for Spider Veins and Laser Hair Removal. These specials are only available here at La Font D’Medspa!