What does it take to achieve healthy looking and youthful skin, and protect yourself from the signs of premature aging?  We would like to share three important aspects to consider.

  1. Nutrition and Hydration

You are definitely what you eat.  One of the approaches to maintaining healthy and youthful skin that should not be overlooked, is the important role of daily balanced nutrition.  Balance your dietary intake with plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. 

Some of the most essential vitamins that are antioxidant rich for healthy skin are:

  • Beta carotene
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A

If you do not feel that you are achieving a balance of essential vitamins and minerals for good health (and youthful skin), talk to us about prescription grade multivitamins and supplements that can help.

Drinking the right amount of natural, fresh water every day, is one of the best gifts you can give your body.  You have probably heard that about 80% of the human body is comprised of H20; did you know that dehydration can significantly impair the removal of toxins from our bodies?  And one of the first places that the lack of detoxification and hydration can be visibly noticed, is our skin.

Every day our bodies are confronted by free radicals, present in preservatives within the foods we eat, pollutants in the air, and heavy metals in our environment at work and home.  These free radicals enter the body and constantly attack cells.  As part of our immunological defense, our bodies require water to help flush out free radicals, while keeping cells healthy and hydrated.

How much water should you be drinking every day?  According to a recent article from The Mayo Clinic, men and women have slightly different minimal requirements for daily hydration:

  • Men require 15. 5 cups (or 3.7 liters) of total fluids per day
  • Women require 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of total fluids per day

*Remember that your body also derives fluid intake from foods like fruits and vegetables and other beverages you drink on a daily basis.  Drinking too much water can also present a health risk.  Ask your primary care provider for more information.

  1. Daily Protection from UV Damage

Forget what you think you know about UV damage, exposure and your skin.  While many people believe that they are ‘safe’ from skin damage, if they use tanning beds to build a base before the peak outdoor season, there is no level of exposure for unprotected skin that is really safe.

The sun is constantly emitting radiation as electromagnetic rays (even on a cloudy or overcast day when you may not feel the warmth).  One part of the sun’s spectrum provides our daylight, but the other two aspects of the radiation ultraviolet B (UVB) and ultraviolet A (UVA) have damaging and long-term negative impacts on our skin.

The change in the pigmentation of your skin after exposure to sun, including a tan or burn, is caused by UVB rays.  In limited exposure, they do offer some health benefit, as they stimulate the production of Vitamin D.

The rays that are most responsible to noticeable (and sometimes irreparable) skin damage are UVA rays.  They penetrate far more deeply into the skin, but do not burn or tan you.  In fact, you may not be aware of your exposure to them, but many dermatologists agree that they are the leading cause of prematurely aging skin.

*Tip: When looking for a daily moisturizer for the face, and an overall sunscreen protectant, make sure to choose a minimum level of 30 SPF that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.  All sun protectant products are not the same, and it is worth paying extra for a brand that will work to block both sources of skin damaging radiation.

  1. Clinical Grade Moisturizers and Skin Hydration

There are so many products on the market, that promise to ‘reverse the signs of aging’ but if they are not clinical grade or professional products, the results can be less than encouraging.  That’s why La Font D’Medspa has evaluated professional skin protection, restoration and moisturizing products that we endorse for our clients.   Ask us for more information, or visit our Skin Care page to browse some of the brands we recommend to our customers.

 Contact us today to schedule your free skin evaluation and consultation at La Font D’Medspa.  We serve our community in Marco Beach Florida with comprehensive skin care, nutritional counseling and state-of-the-art anti-aging treatments.


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