Body Fx

BodyFX is a non-invasive treatment that delivers radio-frequency energy, improving blood circulation and dispersing heat to the deep tissue. Negative pressure is used to attach skin to the RF electrodes to create uniform heating over the dermis and sub-dermal layers. BodyFx takes less time, is more efficient at removing body fat, has fewer complications, and has the added benefit of tightening the skin in the treatment area.

For best results, BodyFX treatments should be undertaken weekly over an eight-week period. There is no downtime for BodyFX. During treatment you may expect a warming of the skin that is the equivalent to the sensation of a deep tissue massage. BodyFX is a noninvasive device that's FDA-approved for body-contouring and reduction of cellulite. It uses radiofrequency (RF), deep-tissue heating, and light vacuum suction to tighten the skin and melt fat cells over time in the abdomen, thighs, and arms. 

What is the Cost?

$500 per area per session

What areas can be treated?

Before and After


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